Where Trees Grow Calm ~ Thursday’s Special

P1050997 (2)

Here’s another place I never tire of photographing – the Linden Walk. Not only is it lovely of itself, but it also leads to Windmill Hill, that other object of my snapping affections. I took this photo yesterday with the leaves whisking off the trees. It was too windy for those addicting musky smells of autumn leaf litter, and the delicious summer scent of lime tree flowers was only a memory (until next year of course).

But whatever the weather or time of year, this lime tree avenue is always a very soothing place to walk. Its other-worldly quality takes you out of yourself: a pathway to another dimension perhaps? Doubtless the town’s  physician, Doctor Penny Brookes, who planted the trees in 1869 was well aware of the calming properties of lime trees since he was also a Padua-trained herbalist.

When made into a tea, the blossoms have a sedative effect. This was a recommended therapy during World War 2 (Richard Mabey Flora Britannica).

But in the absence of linden flower tea, here’s the lovely second movement ‘Petals’ from Takashi Yoshimatsu’s Piano Concerto Memo Flora;  Kyoko Tabe piano:


Post inspired as ever by Paula at Lost in Translation  Please pay her a visit. CALM is today’s watchword.

24 thoughts on “Where Trees Grow Calm ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Gorgeous golden trees Tish and they would fit perfectly with my garden challenge this month too. There won’t be many leaves left after today if you have the same blustery weather we are experiencing!

  2. Oh thank you for the concerto, Tish. You are right, linden is the go tea if you want calm, even better than chamomile 😉 The image is beautiful, the whole post so soothing. Have a good day!

  3. Tish I feel calmer for having had a glimpse of the beautiful path. So lucky are you to live in such a place. Are the leaves looking so colourful still. I’m afraid ours have long gone and the bare branches shiver in the snow flurries.

    1. We don’t get such striking colours as your neck of the woods, but we’ve had a long slow golden glow, which is still going on, though probably not for much longer. The cold weather has arrived.

      1. Rush I’m not sure if you know that in Eastern Canada the colours are far more varied with the red maple trees which refuse to grow in the west. Apparently too chilly for them.

  4. I am
    Getting caught up on some blog visits (while in line waiting and so not to sound corny – it is calming to do his while I wait)
    Anyhow – triple win here T
    Calming trees with beauty
    Calming as tea – and sounds good for troops but also for so many stressed folks these days – too much HFCS and not enough calming plants in diet!
    And the calming music – ❤️️

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