And It’s Another Bee And Poppy Photo…


The opium poppies that have been growing behind our sheds (aka the old privies) are on their last gasp now – one or two blooms amongst a phalanx of seed heads. But there’s still plenty of bee forage along the fence – pale mauve spires of spearmint, purple tufts of wild knapweed, the oregano coming into flower.

And there’s also much to entice them inside the garden.


These ornamental strawberry plants have colonized the gravel path. I might have to move them at the end of the summer. They definitely have world domination in mind. And although they make tasty Alpine type strawberry fruits, the blackbirds always seem to get to them first.


Purple Toadflax is another bee favourite, and it also grows itself around the garden.

And finally, here we have a bee in clover, wings all of a dazzle in the midday sun:



Now for some really good close-up photography, please buzz off to Jude’s Macro Monday

22 thoughts on “And It’s Another Bee And Poppy Photo…

  1. An interesting looking clover. And I love the bee on the Toadflax, though I would be tempted to crop that a bit closer, he looks well snuggled in 🙂

  2. The bee’s soft-looing head makes me almost want to touch it. The “lipstick” strawberry looks delicious enough to eat or just look at. Yes, I have been online to check if it really is that gorgeous shade you’ve captured it in 🙂 You must have done more than advisable amount of kneeling and crouching this summer. Please, be careful!

    1. Ha! You checking my colour scheme. I’ve got a new little Canon ixus. It’s responsible for the close-ups. And thank you, dear Paula, I will indeed think of my knees 🙂

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