Strawberry Fields Forever In Central Park

New York 143

It was so hot when we visited New York a few years ago we spent most of our time in Central Park, drinking ice coffee at every available opportunity. There’s anyway so much to explore. On one of our forays we set out to find the Imagine mosaic, laid in tribute to John Lennon who created the song, and was so sadly murdered outside the nearby Dakota Apartments.

It took some finding too, even though we thought we knew exactly where it was. Part of the problem, we discovered, was that it was surrounded with barriers to shelter the two artists who were painstakingly working on its restoration. I didn’t mind not seeing the mosaic in its pristine form. The fact that it was being so actively cared for, given the song’s message, was heartening.

This elegant artwork lies in the middle of Strawberry Fields, a two and a half acre oasis of quiet also dedicated to the memory of John Lennon and his work. It is a designated Garden of Peace, and 120 countries contribute to its upkeep.

It is a very beautiful place to visit, so not to be missed on any New York trip. You can find out more details HERE.


Paula’s theme this week at Thursday’s Special is ‘Park’

28 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Forever In Central Park

  1. I have spent a lot of time in New York, including the four years that I lived there from 1967 and there is no question that Central Park is an oasis, especially on those hot, steamy days. I remember when John Lennon was killed, and am so pleased that this legacy to his life is enjoyed by people from around the world. Thank you. Janet:)

  2. I was born and raised in New York. Central Park was always my favorite place. It has, obviously, changed since I was last there … probably more than 10 years ago, but Boston’s Public Garden and Commons were designed by the same architect, so it has a very similar feel, though not nearly as large and missing the statuary (I especially miss the Carousel and the Alice statue). Thanks for the memories!!

  3. I’m with Yvette. This is such an unusual memento, Tish. 🙂 I don’t remember reading much about your New York adventure, so this is a welcome snippet.

  4. Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

    if only… the song still brings a tear to my eye. Lovely photo Tish of the restoration.

  5. What a great pairing of images. Those black trunks foregrounded, and then the mosaic restorer and the cultural history (if I can reduce John Lennon to that!) as always, a post of many dimensions.

  6. Hello all from Almeria, Spain. What is this? John recalled it in his last interview to Playboy because he came up with Strawberry Fields Forever song while in this southern sunny province of Spain. He wrote it in another garden, a similar oasis where he used to arrive when leaving the desert where he was shooting How I won the was in 1966. I discovered this story and this place in my hometown a few years ago and when time is coming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this creation I invite you to join us. It would be so beautiful that Liverpool, Almeria and New York get gonnected on next 9th October…these three cities posses a unique link: Strawberry Field and the memory of John. Greetings from Almeria.

  7. I am honoured to have Central Park for my challenge and captured by you 🙂 Thank you, Tish. This is really a site I have been wanting to visit for so many years.

  8. You are making me homesick. NYC was my stomping ground for 13 years before I went sailing, the predominance of which was spent living a block from CPW. Wish I had used a camera then. Great captures.

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