Never Mind Warhol’s Banana…


…just look at my spuds!


This is my take on the Daily Post’s ‘life imitates art’ photo challenge – a posterized  still-life of last summer’s allotment harvest. I suppose you could also call it a potato print. Anyway, it is my nod to Andy Warhol’s poster art:


Andy Warhol’s Banana

Of course, as a gardener, I regard anything I grow as a work of art. Coming up next are borlotti beans, corn, zinnias and dill – rendered on the kitchen table after the Flemish still-life school:


Looking ahead to this year’s garden produce art works, I’m  just hoping that my asparagus beds might do something wonderful, then I could come up with something like this. I have the red currants:


Dutch, active 1683 – 1707
Still Life with Asparagus and Red Currants
Life Imitates Art

57 thoughts on “Never Mind Warhol’s Banana…

  1. You could have fooled me, you could have said: look at Warhol’s spuds and my banana” 😀 . Marvelous, It’s great to see you having such fun, Tish. 🙂

  2. All your photographs are masterpieces:) Love this concept and you have interpreted very well indeed. Here’s to spring and summertime, with loads of fruits, vegetables and flowers…Janet.

      1. I’m fine thanks, Nomzi, this despite the dreary day and lack of writing progress. I’ve got a Tish Farrell Writer FB page, but the only thing that happens there at the moment are links to my blog. I think you might find it useful though, especially if you can link up with like-minded creators and build up a head of steam promotion-wise.

      2. Oh how I miss the sunlight, natural warmth from the sun. Good grief. Do the links to your blog create any steam? It sounds like more data time engaging. What a day…
        I appreciate what you say.

        Have you ever spoken your ideas and stories into a recording device? Talking can be a fun way to bring new energy into your work. 🙂

      3. It’s interesting you should mention recording my ideas etc. I have a recording stick, but I haven’t used it that way. I understand what you mean though. I have often noticed that when I tell someone something about my work, especially re. some impasse, all sorts of insights pop out of the woodwork, and indeed my mouth. In the meantime I’ve taken to talking to myself out loud, which other half finds v. disturbing now that he’s retired from work and is at home to hear me in action 🙂

      4. 😀 I can so imagine. That brought joy to my morning. Thanks Tish.
        Now I sometimes catch a part of a song or an idea for a poem in the middle of doing something else. When it passes through, it passes through. And at certain times when I could not write, I spoke out my thoughts as though I was talking to a good friend.
        I love how a new idea can conclude one from a year ago or so. Fitting the pieces together like a puzzle. That reminds me, I best offload recordings from my phone onto my PC. That filing is important. Well, time to go to work. I wish you a day full of wonder. Kind regards, Nomzi. 🙂

  3. I find the problem with combining my love of food with my love of photography is that I have to have the resolve not to eat what I am about to capture for posterity. Sad, but true. What a good thing you have self control.

  4. It’s just a blessing (sometimes a curse) to see life this way. May the strokes of your anti-perspirant take on the flare of an artist’s brush, that art may grace every step, every small touch of your day. Bill

      1. Thanks Tish. I love the way we bloggers feed off each others ideas. I’m totally into anything that improves people’s diet — especially after my trip to the supermarket to get “props” for my still life. It took me down aisles I’d never really visited before.

    1. Thank you, Jude, but alas, too late for the oil painting…all eaten apart from the zinnias and the pods. Which now makes me feel a bit like the walrus and the carpenter who ate all the oysters and just left the shells 🙂

    1. Asparagus is apparently going to be v. early in the UK, and is already appearing in some quarters due to the mild winter. No sign of life on my beds though. I’m going to give them some seaweed tonic.

  5. Just amazing Tish and I am scratching my head wondering how you managed to create such a vibrant mix of colours. I would love to have it enlarged and hanging on my kitchen wall.

    1. Please feel free to use the pic, Pauline, if you would really like to. I think you can lift it from my page. The poster pic was the result of fiddling in the edit facility of Windows Picture Gallery which comes with Microsoft. Or you can download it for free. I use it for all my edits. I didn’t do anything very clever.

      1. I must go and look at the edit gallery in Windows picture gallery. I always go to PS or LR . The windows one is probably easier, and it certainly does a good job

  6. Still Life With Corn? very nicely done. I photograph food quite a bit. Never use it for much, but I do like taking photos of it. Hot chili peppers, most recently!!! The asparagus I see doesn’t look as cool as the Dutch guy’s!

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