Vibrant: me on Lamu Island far too long ago



It was a four day trip over Christmas. We’d been living in Kenya for three or so years by then, and another five to go before we would return to the UK for good. Lamu Island  set my imagination alight. Later I began writing a teen adventure aimed at the African schools literature market. It was published by Macmillan in their Pacesetters series around the time we left Kenya in 2000.  It’s still in print, and even if I say so myself, quite a good yarn. I have a feeling my brain cells were a little more vibrant back then. Perhaps they are craving the African light…

100_3649 - Copy


52 thoughts on “Vibrant: me on Lamu Island far too long ago

  1. I could drive a jeep through those earring hoops on a bottle of wine! That’s super! Thanks for sharing Tish, good stuff. Bill

  2. if not as vibrant just as vital Tish- such vibrancy of costume in Ludlow would raise more than a few eyebrows. Something to be especially proud of – keeping adolescents interested in books and all your own work too 💡 ⭐

  3. Such a layered take on vibrant. The blue in your outfit and the sand make this image extra artsy – and how cool the story is still going strong – and sometimes it feels like 2000 was not so long ago – 😳

  4. Beautifully vibrant! Now I feel we were both really lucky to have buried our toes in the sand of African beaches…and yes, that feels long ago. But the light born on Lamu still shines in your books, Tish.

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