My treat – today in Ludlow


It could have been summer today – warm enough to sit outside without a coat. Well for heavens’ sake, just look at that sky. And what better place for a meander on a dreamy autumn day than Ludlow. It is one of Shropshire’s loveliest towns, and has more antiquity than you can shake a stick at.

The castle, whose ruins dominate the skyline, was begun over a thousand years ago during the Norman Conquest of Britain. It was built to secure the border with Wales, and was one of the first stone castles in the country. Over ensuing centuries it figured in all manner of political machinations including the York v Lancaster Wars of the Roses.  When the Lancastrian side won, the victor, Henry Tudor, shortly to become Henry VII claimed Ludlow Castle. He later gave it to his eldest son, Prince Arthur. In 1501 Arthur and his bride, a fifteen-year-old Katherine of Aragon, came here for their honeymoon.  A year later Arthur was dead. Katherine was then betrothed to Prince Henry, Arthur’s brother, but it wasn’t until 1509 that they were married. By then Henry was king. Their marriage endured for 24 years before things went horribly wrong. And we all know what happened next – Anne Boleyn and some serial beheadings.

So enough history. Here are some more views – my treat to you:








38 thoughts on “My treat – today in Ludlow

  1. So strange to see ‘my’ Ludlow through someone else’s eyes 🙂
    And you just managed to get one of my windows in your second photo from the common. It was a gorgeous day that’s for sure.

      1. We do a good sales job, don’t we. Which is just as well since I think Shropshire Council has done away with its tourism department as part of the cuts.

      2. It is a very underrated county I think. Serious walkers know about it, but most people just pass through on the way to Wales. A shame as it is a beautiful county, but maybe the appeal is the solitude you find here. No motorways and no big cities.

      3. I suppose all the bypassing that has been done over the years on the A49 and A5 in particular, just encourage people to keep going. There’s little to entice the unitiated into Church Stretton for instance.

  2. What a picturesque town, Tish. I thoroughly enjoyed my wander through it. Your second and third photos are my favourites. Thanks for the history lesson, and once again, “Happy Birthday.” ❤

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