Great Rift ~ Beneath The Skin, Our Common Humanity




Not homeland,

but sourceland;

scored in genetic code;

branded in bone:

thorn trees’ jasmine scent,

red pepper dust on the tongue,

sifted on skin,

while beneath our feet

obsidian’s glint,

shards of the earth’s dark heart;

the Rift,




copyright 2015 Tish Farrell


36 thoughts on “Great Rift ~ Beneath The Skin, Our Common Humanity

  1. Yes, far back, we are all African – and I know this view out over the rift to Mt Longonot very well indeed – I lived in Kenya for some years, many years ago. Thanks for the memory! Adrian

  2. Stunning, and I think the first poem of yours I’ve read Tish — more please? That’s some good down-home cookin’!

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