Some don’t like it wet, and a case of sub-teen rebellion big cat style

Scan-140726-0010 (2)

First off I should say these aren’t the best of  photos. They were taken on a dullish, August day in the Maasai Mara, and out of the back of a dusty Land Rover. But it’s a nice little glimpse of ‘I’m-a-big-boy-now’ rebellion of the lion kind.

It was the she-lion’s odd behaviour that attracted our attention. We drove towards the swamp to see what was going on. The rest of the Marsh Pride was lying up in the long grass a good half mile away, but here was a lone adult female walking about in a distracted manner, and with no attempt at concealment. She was also calling…and looking…

Scan-140726-0012 (2)

And calling…

Scan-140726-0011 (3)

We drove around the swamp. And then we could see what she couldn’t…

Scan-140726-0005 (10)

Junior. He, in fine nonchalant style, was busy exploring. He could hear Mom all right, but he was darned if he would show himself. In fact he just kept going…


…in the opposite direction…

Scan-140726-0003 (13)

Ooops! Not looking where we were going…

Scan-140726-0002 (4)

But it gave him a good excuse: “Was just getting a drink of water, Mom.”

Scan-140726-0001 (3)

We left them to find one another, although I reckon Junior was in for a big cuff round the ears. Meanwhile, here’s the big lion, he was thinking he already was – Dad.

Marsh Pride male 3


This post was inspired, somewhat tangentially, by Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: wet Drop in to her blog to see other bloggers’ responses.

30 thoughts on “Some don’t like it wet, and a case of sub-teen rebellion big cat style

    1. We felt so sorry for the lion mother. It was one of those moments when you wanted to say – ‘Look behind you!. We thought she’d probably get on better with the hunt if we removed ourselves from the scene.

  1. I think the pictures are great. The story as well. I wouldn’t be brave enough to get out there and take those shots or enjoy the family drama, so I appreciate your sharing.

  2. Having just come straight from Meg’s I can definitely see similarities with her twins, Tish 🙂 A delightful study. Thanks for the morning smile. I’m off to be lazy in the garden. (yes- really!)

  3. Tish – what a nice safari feel post! and I like how the photos almost had that artsy feel – with different colors and feels – 🙂

      1. well thx for saying that- and I do try to keep it genuine and try not to BS when i comment – if that makes sense (LOL) and yes, having a nice weekend, my mother is in town this week – it is usually the only we visit get from her each year and so we are all glad she is here. hope you have a nice weekend

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