Lions before the storm



Before the storm we fall in with lion –

six scions out from the pride.

Unmaned, cub-spotted, they slump amongst thorns,

smug in their big-cat skins.

They know we’re here.

So now we’re adrift on the storm’s swell:

coming like lambs to lay down with lions?

Caught in their lure we listen to their breathing;

the rise and fall of soft flanks.

Our breath marks time.

Waiting – till a drift of rainfall stirs them.

Watching – till they they rise to make their kill.



copyright 2015 Tish Farrell


Jennifer Nichole Wells: OWPC Storm

32 thoughts on “Lions before the storm

  1. I loved this! You already know I have a soft spot for African cats 🙂 This post made me shiver, I can almost feel the tension. My husband & I continue to dream of the day we can go on an African safari… Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’m yet to see them in the wild. Would I feel exhilaration or fear? Probably both, but I may not be able to tell the difference at the time, I suspect. You must have enjoyed this experience.

    1. You raise an interesting point, Draco. It’s surprisingly easy not to feel afraid during close encounters, which could be very foolish (?). I’m not sure. The Maasai have their corrals and walk about in the bush where there are large prides of lions. We, of course, were in a vehicle, albeit with the windows open. All the same, it was a surreal experience – the lions’ disregard for our presence.

  3. Such beautiful words to describe the majestic fearless creatures in their natural habitat. We lived in Lake Naivasha, just outside the Hells Gate National Park for 15 months. The peace and serenity of the country with such wonderful people and great culture stirs up many great memories.

    An open top Landcruiser in the Maasai Mara National Reserve was wonderful to cap the final days, with camera in hand and the thousands of animals wandering about looking as splendid and free as they were. Your words invite me back and make it so fresh in mind. I look forward to going on more journeys in your game park! You paint such vivid colors into your words!

    1. You sound to have had a wonderful time too in Kenya, and what a fantastic place to live by Hells Gate. It gets under your skin, doesn’t it. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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