autumn at Plas yn rhiw




I feel there is a sense of ‘drawing in’ in all these photographs; of summer’s end and winter on the way: a sense of season’s decay before renewal.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for more takes on metal/autumn

34 thoughts on “autumn at Plas yn rhiw

  1. And ”Down South”, the opposite is beginning to take place ( as you well know, of course!) and we look skyward and contemplate the coming of the rain in a month or two,

      1. When the mists arrive at our spot you cannot see the valley for toffees, just a blank impenetrable fog that sits at the end of our spot blanketing everything.
        In a couple of months the Jacarandas will be blooming and the valley will turn purple and green, once again.

        When the rains come – and they normally come from the south( ish) one can sometimes see the falling rain as it ”marches” across the valley and up to the ridge on our side.
        I must try to post some photos this year.

  2. Wow – is it already autumn over there? Sounds like you had a really short summer. Love your photos 🙂

    1. No we’re not quite in autumn yet, though the lack of rain during June and July has made everywhere look autumnal, and the wheat has been harvested very early. And we have a dank misty morning today. These photos were taken last year at the end of September. Cee’s photo challenge is autumn and metal, and I recognised the idea that prompted her to set it from the concept of 5 elements in Qi Gong which she is training in, and I have been learning again recently. So I felt everything rather came together in these photos.

      1. Ah – that’s good. I’ll be going to Ireland around the end of September and was hoping to see autumn in that part of the world – I’ve only ever been to the northern hemisphere in spring and summer. Qi Gong sound interesting – I keep thinking I should do something like that or Tai Chi but I never get around to it. Must do it.

      2. I think you would enjoy Qi Gong. A bit like haiku the moves are very simple but work very deeply, and are great to do out doors. And in fact you only need to learn a few to feel the benefit. Tai Chi contains many of the same, or similar moves, but it’s a different kind of discipline and, truly speaking, of martial origin. It does take quite a lot of learning, if you ever do get to the end of learning it.

    1. Hey, Nomzi, good to hear from you. I was over at your blog the other day, but you haven’t posted lately (?) Hope all it well with you, and warmest greetings back.

      1. Hello again, good to her from you. It has been amazingly hot in Scandinavia. Simply trying to store as much light as possible in my body 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Cee. Have just been looking at your other featured photos for this challenge. What a wonderful selection. You have created a lovely challenge with this. I hope to have a go at water/winter now.

  3. The pumpkin one is my favorite. I think it’s the curly vines. But I can smell the cool autumn air in the last picture, and feel the wood fence under my hands.

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