Forever Summer




The fun fair was wrapped up for the winter, the pier shops barely open, and there was already a strong hint of autumn in the air when we went to Old Orchard Beach. We were too late. The sky was grey. We had missed all the beach fun. But then as we were mooching up the main street, wrapped in coats and searching for coffee, I spotted this mural on the side of a building. And so it was, in a corner of this out-of-season town, that summer never ends.

copyright 2014 Tish Farrell

Word Press Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

12 thoughts on “Forever Summer

  1. Wonderful….and I love the mural:)
    I always have a very strange feeling at the end of summer….There’s something very poignant about it….presumably preparing us for the winter’s hibernation. It’s important to say that I love all the seasons, including winter.
    Have a lovely summer’s day. Janet.

  2. your description could be an opener for the ‘Hotel du Lac’ – but then the poster puts it firmly by the seaside

    1. Thank you indeed for that compliment, Laura. I’m now intrigued by your thought of the Hotel du Lac colliding with the ‘jolly holiday’ mural. Hm. Now where might that take us…?

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