Sarah on the shore, the sea, the sky: contrasts



This photo was taken on Boxing Day, on Anglesey – a bright and windy winter’s day in Wales.


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29 thoughts on “Sarah on the shore, the sea, the sky: contrasts

  1. Tish, I really like this. The background is so spare, which showcases the person perfectly. Yet there’s not too much detail on her, either. I know I’m not expressing this very well, but I think it’s excellent.


    1. Thank you, Jo. It was only a chance shot, but was struck by Sarah’s stance as she headed for the sea. It actually made me think of John Fowles French Lieutanant’s Woman.

  2. Full of contrasts: hood and hobnail boots on the beach, the brightness of the morning sun and the secret garb seeking privacy, mourning. A purposeful walk with nowhere to go.The shadow cutting through the sand like a knife, and no footprints, macabre. I love too the alliteration in the title which speaks of none of this. Unnerving foreign and innocent yet haunting and questioning.
    What’s picture, what a photograph…

    1. That’s a fantastic take on this photo, Tony. I had noticed the elements you mention, but not put them together into words like this. This is what I love about wordpress, one person’s creativity, sparking some one else’s – in one big, joyous multiplier effect. Now when I look at the photo, I will also see your vision of it.

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