Apple Blossom Time



I confess that I posted this photo the other day, along with several other shots taken up at the allotment. But then I thought it deserves to be seen again, and on its own, and without me blethering on. So here you have it: apple blossom ~ what could be more lovely?

Ailsa’s Travel Theme: blossom



Rooti-toot-toot ~ spring at the allotment up close and vegetal

20 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Time

  1. I like it. I was going to use the apple blossom and the apple on another post about the number five. Maybe I’ll get around to it. Certainly plants love the five-fold symmetry.

    1. Yes, it’s time for another of your mathematical discourses, Bumba, and I don’t think we can see too much apple blossom, and now you have me intrigued besides.

  2. My absolute favorite blossom! Sadly, due to major deer population, I’ve tried and failed to grow apple trees. Luckily, I live in a part of the Hudson Valley known for its apple orchards. They’re awash with gorgeous blossoms as I write.

  3. Ah, proper blossom, lovely pinky-white apple blossom is so delicate. A shame it doesn’t last long. I’d really like to photograph the orchards in the Vale of Evesham, but miss it every year! They must be quite a sight and I know there is a Blossom Trail to follow.

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