Kind of blue and other colours

Weekly Photo Challenge: the hue of you


Stained glass by Marc Chagall, musée national Marc Chagall, Nice

Another of the world’s great little galleries, currently celebrating its 40th anniversary. I went there one October. It left its colours imprinted on my retina and in my heart. If ever you are in Nice, be sure to go there. Also posted with reference to Miles Davis and his ‘Kind of Blue’ album.


And some other good hues:

28 thoughts on “Kind of blue and other colours

    1. Thank you, Robin. In fact the Chagall musee is so lovely it’s worth going to Nice especially. And a little further up the road is the Matisse musee which is also utterly charmant. I haven’t tried looking at my photo enlarged. If it looks good, then thank you Marc Chagall. Actually the glass is in an auditorium where they play a fantastic documentary about Chagall. This is not made very obvious, but is also absolutely not to be missed. He was a man with wondrous spirit.

      1. You have reminded me Tish – we stopped over in Nice a couple of times en route to holidays on the Canal du Midi. On both occasions we chose the days when all the museums were shut – I think it is a Monday. We will just have to go back 🙂

      2. Absolutely you must. Besides, Nice has more sunshine than most places, delicious fish soup and good rose wine, to say nothing of the market in the old town.

  1. Oh, this is beautiful!! I can see where it leaves an imprint on the heart. I’ll have to check out the Miles Davis album.
    Thanks for the pingback! That is much appreciated.

  2. I love the album… and still listen to it, though at a later stage I found it hard to keep up to the musical taste of Miles Davis… and the stained glass reminds me of a chapel in the Hadassah hospital here in Jerusalem, whose windows were made by Marc Chagall… very beautiful.

    1. am glad it struck a chord, Shimon, in all sorts of ways. And yes, like you I can’t quite keep up with Miles’s fusion creations. Sketches of Spain is another favourite though.

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