Peaceful wildlife, unpeaceful writer

Travel theme: peaceful


Okay, I confess. I’m using Ailsa’s weekly photo challenge for a piece of shameless self-publicity. Because today I’m feeling anything but peaceful. I’ve just heard that  my short story ‘Flight’ won third place in the International Bath Short Story Award, sponsored by Writing Events Bath. Of course it’s set in Africa as most of my fiction is. To read ‘Flight’, follow this link then scroll to the foot of the page. Twelve of this year’s short- and longlisted stories are to be published by Hearst as an e-book anthology under a new imprint UkEditBooks in November. So all you fiction writers out there, seasoned or novice, submissions for the 2014 Bath Short Story Award are OPEN 1st November 2014. Go for it!

Now to calm things down I’m posting some shots of some very languor-inducing wildlife. Besides which, big cats do ‘laid back’ like no other, and quiet small elephants are a joy to behold on any occasion. And as for Grevy’s Zebras composing themselves so stripily, what else is there to say but ENJOY!



©2013 Tish Farrell

13 thoughts on “Peaceful wildlife, unpeaceful writer

    1. You’d think they ought to purrr – lions that is. Have only heard them doing slightly hair-raising grunts. The lioness looks as though she might be purring internally. And zebras, yes, aren’t they splendid. Once went on a game drive with a drunken Zambian, who informed us that every zebra’s ‘buticles’ were different so their offspring would know which buticles were their mama’s, and therefore which ones to follow.

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