Glory Be!


Thank goodness. Our second day of COOL, with a good 10 degrees C completely vanished in thin air. It’s back to grey skies too. They often feature in British summers, and for once we’re thankful. The Morning Glories seem to feel the same way. There were eight blooms out this morning: four Flying Saucers with the sweet peas on the downstairs terrace, and some white ones with purple flashes among the Sun Gold tomatoes in the upstairs garden. They don’t last long though, even without the blazing sun curling their petals.


We even had some gentle showers yesterday, this after weeks of drought. Hopefully there will be more purposeful rain tomorrow so I can sow spinach and carrot seeds, and plant out the lettuce that survived the baking.

I’m anyway feeling seasonally confused after the heat wave. Everywhere around the town, the trees and fields have a parched, end-of-season look that has me thinking already of autumn, and of the things I might sow in the polytunnel for winter salads. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re only just half way through August, and there’s still the tomato and cucumber crop to nurture. And in the home garden, even as today’s blooms fade and crumple,  there are plenty more glories to come.


15 thoughts on “Glory Be!

  1. I’m currently in London with family and totally phased by the parks which are not even hay-yellow. They’re white, dessicated. The veggies in the family’s small courtyard garden, left to their own devices while they were on holiday are more than simply dead,as is much of their more decorative planting. It’s so much worse than we are, up north, and I’d thought that was bad enough.

      1. I did bring a jumper, Tish, but only one. Wearing it this evening. I’m quietly confident summer will return. If not here, then in the Algarve 🤣💙

  2. I too am grateful not to be so hot – but I wonder how long it will be before we start complaining about the lack of sun / bit too chilly / won’t it ever stop raining 🥴 Love those Morning Glories, especially the white ones with the purple streaks!

  3. The morning glories have gorgeous colors, Tish. Such beautiful pictures. Good luck with both your summer and winter garden. Mine has been somewhat of a bust this year, but I finally have my first geranium blooms!

    1. Somewhat of a bust also describes quite a lot of my garden. Most of the later flowering plants have already done their stuff – first roasted then drowned then roasted again. Ah well. Always next year 🙂

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