Upsy-Daisy Does It


It was definitely a case of trial and error. This wood pigeon was far too big and heavy to perch safely in our little crab apple tree AND snaffle the apples. Various approaches were attempted. Finally the down-under manoeuvre did the trick. Success!


Square Up#20

Today Becky is using her magic crystal ball to do some conjuring.

Bird Weekly – up tails all

This week Lisa wants to see ‘butts in the air’ bird life.

21 thoughts on “Upsy-Daisy Does It

  1. It’s wonderful watching the acrobatic feats of the birds trying to snaffle a snack. Magpies are so intelligent, you can see them working out how to make a move on the suet feeders, and often succeeding, even when upside down!

  2. Not a big pigeon fan, but I love the shot. I saw several birds performing similar acrobatics in search of a berry good breakfast this morning at the Preserve. Alas, my photos didn’t turn out well, but I enjoyed watching their contortions.


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