Ta-Dah! You’ve Seen The Flowers: Here Come The Tubers


Blue Danube the Sequel: A Subterranean Perspective?

Yesterday I teased a few of you with a cropped shot of a very purple potato flower (what is it, I asked) and ended up teasing myself.


Later, when I went up to allotment I could not resist having a little underground furtle, though I think you’re supposed to wait till the flowers are finished. On the other hand there’s always blight to think of, and we’ve been having some very odd potentially blight-inducing weather, so it’s good to know how the crop is faring. On the whole I decided they could wait a bit longer. But the next door row of Stemster are definitely ready. I haven’t grown them before. What a pretty pink! They make the Blue Danube look rather gnarly.



Square Perspective #29

23 thoughts on “Ta-Dah! You’ve Seen The Flowers: Here Come The Tubers

      1. I think the organising is the stumbling block. The other thing about showing is you usually need 3 of whatever it is to look identical in every way. Am thinking that’s probably rather beyond most of us.

  1. Those beautiful purple flowers are from a potato plant?! I had no idea!! Maybe I should be growing potatoes 😉

    This might sound strange, but I didn’t grow up eating potatoes so they aren’t something I made very often. In fact, I rarely had them in the house – until recently. I discovered the joys of a baked russet potato. My Sweet-Lord-in-Heaven, maybe it’s just as well I’m late to this party. They are glorious!!

  2. Very nice. Mine ,which were just sprouted kitchen potatoes, never bloomed before dying down. When I started pulling them out there were several little knots but nothing to serve for dinner.

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