Dandelion Dreams ~ A Bit Of Magic On Monday

dandelion clocks

These dandelion ‘clocks’ are putting on their own firework display. If I had my gardener’s head  on, the sight of so much imminent seed shedding would cause me much frustration. Fury even.  I have spent hours, days and weeks of my life trying to keep my allotment plots and paths free of them. I have even tried seeing their good side: cropping them for their young salad leaves, making dandelion tea, roasting their roots to make coffee (very good for the liver). I also know their long tap roots release nutrients locked deep in the soil. And sometimes a field full of dandelions can look, well, beautiful.

Which brings me to the image above. I clearly had my photographer’s head on when I snapped it, and with the camera in dynamic monochrome setting. And then I edited it a little, and so emerged these magical structures. And there we have the top and bottom of it. Once we stop fighting the natural world, we can see how very wonderful it is. Or at least some of us can. This does not appear to apply to the corporate strains of our species.

copyright 2018 Tish Farrell

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55 thoughts on “Dandelion Dreams ~ A Bit Of Magic On Monday

  1. Absolutely marvelous. Can’t understand why you would fight them. I have always been drawn to them with great affection, but never got near as good a picture. This is a masterpiece from my point of view.

    1. You very nice man! What a lovely thing to say. I shall try not fight them. In fact I wondered if I could negotiate terms and let them have a designated plot of their own, provided they stay in it of course 🙂

  2. Just magical Tish. Jack would love to have some in our garden. He is keeping an eye open for some seeds. Not too sure if I fully agree though, Jack says it will only be a weed if it is not wanted,!!!

    1. Well Jack has a point – a plant is only a weed if it’s in the wrong place – or so some do say. And from a herbalist’s viewpoint they are amazingly healthful plants. And they do have jolly faces, but once with you it seems they will grow in anything just short of concrete.

      1. maybe they don’t care to be too hot. I saw some flowering today at the allotment and there were chunks of ice on the tops of the water butts and the climate was distinctly bleak.

  3. That is certainly a magical shot – simply beautiful. And they are – until you need to dig them up from reluctant ground. A weed is a plant growing somewhere you don’t want it to grow – so ‘weeds’ can be embraced in the ‘right’ place. Everything is relative. “The corporate strains of our species” – wonderful!!

  4. Beautiful. I love how you approached these dandelions from two different perspectives and found not only things to love about them from the photographer’s eye but also things to love about them as a human.

  5. Outstandingly beautiful, what a good job you did on this one, Tish. Very moving words indeed.
    And isn’t just wonderful to see someone make a wish and blow the dandelion.

      1. In German the dandelion is called Pusteblume (Blowflower) , the children love it – and of course Siri and Selma too 😉

  6. Sometimes I just don’t understand WordPress; your blog appears and it says I don’t follow you (but I do!) so that’s why I hit the follow button again. Sorry about that.

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