Thursday’s Special ~ Best Shot 2017


This week Paula asks us to post our best photo from 2017. I wasn’t sure where to start, but decided to reprise the cricket which, the first time around, Ark kindly identified as a Katydid or bush cricket. It is certainly my most surprising shot of the year – both for its clarity and the fact the cricket appears to have been watching me while I organised myself with the camera. I also like the curving grasses and the bands of light and shade, and the way the cricket appears to be super-illuminated. But best of all, it reminds me of Kalamata, and the mesmerizing views of the Taygetos and the Mani across the Gulf of Messinia for I find myself still badly smitten with the Peloponnese. Ah, well. Maybe next year…

Thursday’s Special

31 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special ~ Best Shot 2017

  1. It is certainly an extraordinary shot. The patterns on his wings, those long antennae mimicking the curve of the grass and those unusually long back legs. (or are they front legs?) And he definitely has personality; examining you as if to say “now what do you think you’re doing?”

  2. This photo says so much. You talk about it taking you back to Greece but my immediate response was to think of Africa. Maybe in a way the cricket is a connecting link between the two places and your own response to place.
    I really like this challenge. I started up a new blog yesterday and was wondering how to maintain the motivation. This challenge gives me a way in.

    1. You are so right about the Africa connection. There was much about the scrubby landscape that reminded me of the Rift Valley. It was the first thing I noticed when we were being ferried from the airport.

  3. Yes… next year! 🙂 🙂 Away from this freezing weather. Though it has to be said it’s been gloriously crisp here today. I think he’s got you well sussed out, young lady! That is one very intelligent looking critter. All the best to you and the Mister for 2018 🙂

  4. Every now and then, something wild holds the pose for us. You obviously had a cricket with a good side to show off for the camera. He is a most handsome cricket and you did a superb portrait 🙂

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