Can You Have Too Many Strawberries? [Six Word Saturday]


Up at the allotment the strawberries are cropping like crazy. Two weeks in (and despite having only a new, and quite small bed) we are a bit overwhelmed. We’ve already been sharing big bowls full with the neighbours. Fortunately said neighbours say they are more than happy to relieve us of the ‘problem’. But I can see that jam making might have to happen next, although today it’s far too hot to even contemplate standing over a pan of hot bubbling fruit. Maybe strawberry ice cream then. Now that’s more like it. I can stand over my  little ice cream maker, and chill while all is creamily churning. Aaah…


Six Word Saturday

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38 thoughts on “Can You Have Too Many Strawberries? [Six Word Saturday]

  1. No 🙂 Although my sister might disagree – as a teenager it did her skin no good at all. Being a loving brother I was, of course, enormously sympathetic – “I’ll have hers!”

  2. For some reason this year, we ended up with loads of tiny strawberries (timing on the rain/sun, I think). But I finally used some of the giant rhubarb in our garden and made a strawberry crumble – worth having the oven on for. Usually we give strawberries to our neighbors, but these were a little embarrassing!

  3. Too bad I’m not one of your neighbors ……I simply adore strawberries!
    With these temperatures ( 35, here) It’s an excellent idea to make ice-cream instead of jam….!
    Have a great weekend , don’t work too much!

  4. There’s no such thing as too many strawberries. Last year I actually grew them in a hanging basket, and it was such fun to walk out the door and pluck went off.

  5. How I envy you. Here I have enough for one or two every day. I daresay you have a lot more plants than me! But they do taste delicious picked and eaten warm from the sun.

      1. True. The flavour is so good. I keep nibbling on basil, rocket, tomatoes and strawberries. Not enough of anything except the basil, to make a meal out of!

  6. You’re ”lucky”! I discovered two scraggly looking things and that was it.
    I must plant a new crop and start again come the spring.
    Fancy a barter? We have several hundred lemons ripening at the moment?

    1. Oh YES. Let’s do a swap. Just need to get the teleporter thingy fixed. We’re boiling here today, btw. African temps, and set to continue for the next few days. Phew and double phew.

  7. A bumper crop but what variety Tish? they look like the ones I used to scrump on weekend walks from school. I too wish to be your neighbour – ice cream today – jam tomorrow!

  8. I often freeze my excess of strawberries. We are having the opposite problem – too many days of heavy rain causes ours to rot on the stem. The ones I manage to bring inside need several rinses of water to get rid of the mud caked on them. And then they only last a day or two before they spoil. Luckily, they are everbearing – so I’ll have a continuous season into fall. Enjoy those perfectly ripe strawberries!

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