A Good Crop All Round ~ Thursday’s Special At Hopton Castle And Brampton Bryan


This week at Lost in Translation Paula asks us to show her photos that we have cropped to reveal detail or improve the composition. I have to say that I crop most of my photos, and certainly architectural subjects almost always benefit from a trim.

Here are some cropped shots in and around Hopton Castle. This mediaeval ruin stands in a rural and rather remote corner of Shropshire near the Herefordshire border, one of a cluster of castles built either to keep the Welsh neighbours in their place or as a piece of lordly showing off. Today, Hopton is romantically and rustically picturesque, although once it was the site of a bloody Civil War siege.  In one of my earlier Thursday’s Special posts I featured the restoration of the monument.




Not far from Hopton and just over the border into Herefordshire is the little village of Brampton Bryan. One of its most noteworthy features is the free-form yew hedge that shelters the owners of Brampton Bryan Hall from the gaze of passing hoi polloi  and the inhabitants of the pretty estate village. The light was not good, but I think cropping the images has made them passable – at least for ‘guided tour’ general nosiness purposes:






The Harley family who own the estate, including the village properties with their blue doors, has been around the place since Domesday. Their present home behind the hedge was built after the Civil War in 1660, and remodelled in the 18th century. I snatched a glimpse over the rear churchyard wall, but though imposing it was not very captivating, at least not compared with this next view of their own personal castle ruin. It is not open to the public so I couldn’t get a better photo.


I can’t help thinking how very wonderful it would be to have one’s own castle ruin out in the apple orchard, never mind the stately pile.

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36 thoughts on “A Good Crop All Round ~ Thursday’s Special At Hopton Castle And Brampton Bryan

  1. So beautiful Tish, you are so lucky! to live in England. I absolutely love the free form hedge, it reminds me of mushroom caps! Such a lovely village. I am sure there are beautiful places around here (USA) but none have the history that is behind most of the places in England. 🙂

  2. When you read the word ”crop” your eyes must have lit up and I’ll bet you immediately thought of your allotment!
    However, as a second choice, this’ll do quite nicely.

  3. A great crop, not merely a good one. That first shot is particularly perfect. You make places so enticing with your photos and commentary. I’m about to spend a week with a friend who always breaks my habit of cropping everything – for a while at least!

  4. These are lovely photos Tish. I am totally in love with that brick and thatch cottage! It would be rather grand to harvest the Pippins amongst the ruins. I’m still dining out on having had a 18th century chapel in the front yard of one place I lived.

    1. The chapel in the garden sounds v. special. And yes, the brick and thatch cottage – huge yearnings to peep inside! Or yes – move in. I bet it has a lovely garden too.

      1. I love the idea of a thatched cottage, but know from friends who lived in one that it’s pretty high maintenance and not that practical. But I can dream! Perhaps a kind of tardis-cottage. All half-timbers and thatch on the outside and a huge airy loft with fabulous studio space and a sunny, well-lit kitchen on the inside. 🙂

  5. I agree with you Tish 🙂 I want my own castle ruin too 😀 What a beautiful country you live in! I love your crop of the vaults.

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