Never Mind Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: How About A Courgette? Or Maybe Even a Blooming Potato?


During the recent heat wave I managed to get myself across the field and to the allotment by 7.30 a.m. It was wonderful up there – full of birdsong and humming bugs and bees. (Note to self: must do this more often). All the vegetables were flowering full blast, and so instead of watering and weeding, I started taking photos.


The courgette (zucchini) plants had broken out into multiple suns – each one big as a dinner plate.

And then I spotted the potato flowers – I think they’re the French salad variety called ratte. (I couldn’t locate my plant label for spud leaves). Anyway aren’t they rather lovely?


Then behind the potatoes the runner bean flowers were busy making the first beans of the season (thank you bees):


And behind my polytunnel the Lark sweet corn was tasseling:


So much excitement up at the allotment, and all before breakfast. Who’d’ve thought it.


P.S. This post was inspired not only by my vegetables, but also by Jithin at Mundane Monday #69, and Jude’s edible Garden Challenge. Please visit them for more inspiration and some very excellent photography.

49 thoughts on “Never Mind Van Gogh’s Sunflowers: How About A Courgette? Or Maybe Even a Blooming Potato?

  1. Gorgeous, Tish. Some truly lvely photos. Those sweetcorn plants with the blue sky behind – it’s some tropical jungle, not an English allotment, surely? 🙂

  2. Indeed, the garden gives us too many choices to admire. Enjoyed your images. I also am out in the garden very early. Our temps yesterday had a heat index of 106 degrees and counting.

  3. My green-fingered efforts this year have not proved as successful as I’d expected. I sincerely hope I can produce a decent crop of at least some vegetables next season; before I turn into one!

  4. My Father instilled into me that early morning was the best time of day…and I still believe that. Wonderful pics…and it looks like you have lots of good produce to come…..janet:)

    1. Oh dear, Meg. Didn’t want that to happen. Your roving life is full of interest but must have its consequences. I feel as if you’re on a one year diplomatic mission. We found the more we were away from home, the more difficult it was to return.

    1. Had the first courgettes yesterday, though rather short and chunky compared to the huge flowers. It’s maybe not too late for beans in your neck of the woods if you could get some plants. There may still be some about at a nursery?

  5. These blooms are beautiful, Tish. As gardeners, our attention is often so fixated on the vegetables that we sometimes overlook the blossoms. Thanks for pointing a few of them out to us.

  6. Love courgette flowers!
    As soon as I get to my summer small house , I fill my kitchen with plenty of them , held in big glasses….(before I fry them!)
    …as always, beautiful pics and read!

  7. So much excitement indeed! How wonderful you have this allotment, Tish. And even better that you work there so diligently 🙂 I’m hoping to dig at my father’s place in Finland shortly. He has a great little vegetable & berry garden.

  8. Taking photos must be more fun than watering and weeding. This is the first time I see a potato flower. Do you prepare courgette flower? We used to fry it, but now I don’t remember the last time I saw it at the market. Vibrant captures full of sunshine!

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