Black & White Sunday: Delicate


“There’s magic in the web of it”

The quote is from Shakespeare’s play Othello. And the web is from a shady corner in my garden, captured on a foggy morning last autumn.  It’s also my interpretation for this week’s Black & White Challenge at At Lost in Translation. Paula is  inspiring us towards a delicate frame of mind.

Black & White Sunday: Delicate

22 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday: Delicate

  1. Perfect for the challenge Tish. I can never get enough of spiderwebs. They are so fascinating and beautiful. Love your spiderwebs. 😀

    1. Don’t worry, John. I don’t snap spiders, only the webs. Just to let you know, there may be another web shortly, but definitely no occupants – only crab apples 🙂

  2. … and a predatory spider at the heart of it, waiting to destroy. I’d forgotten how powerful Shakespeare is. You’ve captured a wonderful delicacy against a dark and threatening background. Although it does include those wonderful leaf-ghosts.

    1. Leaf-ghosts – I like those. And yes, you can’t beat Shakespeare for a mind-altering turn of phrase. It’s a shame to stop reading him, once one no longer HAS to. What better way to feed the creative imagination.

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