Through A Web Darkly ~ Inside The Old Barn


I took this photo yesterday. The footpath we were following winds through an old farmyard, everywhere rustic dereliction. Being nosy, I had to peer in through the barn window. This shot was taken through a spider’s web, and is admittedly rather weird. My first thought is some kind of time warp or threshold. So if it inspires any of you to create a piece of poetry or prose, please feel free to link back here so I can read what you’ve come up with. No rush.


Many thanks to bloggers for their fun responses. So nice of you to play along:

T N Kerr   A Very Special Birthday

Sandra Conner Beyond the Web

Gerry  Sneak the Spider

53 thoughts on “Through A Web Darkly ~ Inside The Old Barn

  1. I don’t know what post processing you have done here Tish, but I like it. And getting the shot through the web gives it that feeling of neglect. ( cobwebs are not unique to an old place, as well I know, ahem… )

    1. Know what you mean on the cobweb front. As to post processing, I just fiddled about a bit in windows picture gallery – with contrast and brightness and the histogram thingy. I was trying to get the web to show up as much as poss. which then led to other effects as it usually does. Oh the time one wastes playing…

  2. I picture a huge spider peering in at fairy gardeners doing some potting in their teeny, tiny pots. Seeing the spider they squeal in terror and rush away, scattering the pots in their haste…

      1. You have heard the joke about the pupil who when asked to write an essay about a football game wrote it rained, no game that would be me.
        If you allow me, in primary and secondary school we had to write essays in English and Kiswahili and sometimes they would give us the ending of the story. For those who were not so imaginative, they would write a story that had no relation to the ending. That is what would happen if I was to write about this spiderweb

  3. Sandra [Conner] posted her story and great it was, suggested for me to look in, and I love this idea so will try to write something.. this picture is so deep with many ideas floating out of it…watchout! smiling 😉

  4. Don’t you think this would be a great match up for Thursday’s Special, Tish? That was my first thought when I saw it on Gilly’s wonderful Tanka. 🙂 Tobias has done a very interesting piece on ‘organised noise’. Don’t know if you’ve seen it?

    1. Oh I think there definitely were, Ann. Btw this stupid comments sidebar facility has just zapped your comment on the Lamu blueness, just as I was going to say the blue seems to seep into one’s nervous system.

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