32 thoughts on “Desert Sundown

  1. beautiful image accompanied by an equally beautiful quote!
    I walked once in the desert for about two months, the words resonates deeply with my experience…. thanks for sharing!

      1. It is, it was bizarre to realize, although I had never been in a desert before, I felt fully at home. Instantly. It is a time that has carved itself into my being and lives on in there.

  2. Tish, this photo is simply gorgeous. I have a habit of each day going to the end of the Photo Challenge entries and working my way back up, looking at one entry from each line. Then when I have time I go back to see others. That’s why I got to yours nice and early today (although ti would be in my in-box, too.) Lovely way to start the day (although it’s really mid-morning here, but let’s have a little literary license.)

    Have a marvelous weekend.


    1. I’ve only just re-discovered my Dubai negatives, and so it was a lucky find. Also I bet you have some stunning image in your collection, maybe something you can crop in an unexpected way? 🙂

      1. That’s true but everything I found featured sea, sand and sky and I’ve posted so many of them I couldn’t get motivated to post one. Maybe something different will turn up through the week.

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