Kui’s 5-star review on Amazon Kindle

Losing Kui -Final

Cover: Kathleen Collins Howell

There’s nothing like a good review for recharging flagging  creative spirits, and believe me, they do flag. So I was more than delighted to receive this one for my novella Losing Kui. Many thanks bjg.

You can read the opening chapters on an earlier post HERE

Available on Amazon and also on ePub Bud for Nook, iPod/iPhone

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36 thoughts on “Kui’s 5-star review on Amazon Kindle

    1. Yes, the marketing game. It certainly is its own profession. Good luck with your book. It’s never easy, but perhaps having a niche audience is a good start. I shall go to your link. Thank you, Robin.

    1. Hi, Noel. Thanks so much for your good wishes. At the moment the book is only available as an e-book. But you can download a free kindle reader (on Amazon) to use on your computer. Actually this might suit you, tho it will increase the reading list. There are loads of fantastic free classics on Kindle, some very weird and wonderful.

      1. Absolutely fabulous dear Tish. We are enjoying the warmest autumn ever and life is good. I’m getting back into writing too. I will be cutting down on sugar though. Oh dear 😀 How about you?

      2. Yes, likewise – we’ve been having an Indian Summer here too. It’s meant lots of work in the allotment though, putting in the winter veg etc. Ever hopeful that things will survive slugs, bugs and climate change. Good to hear that you’re getting back to your writing. You have written some fine poems. And definitely ditch the sugar. I know it’s hard 🙂

      3. 😀 Tell me about it. It sounds like life is beautiful over there too. Thank you for your time and sweet words and do enjoy the rest of your week. Good night 🙂

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