Two by Two in Maine: too many reasons not to go


Two whooshes of spray Portland Head



Two  yellow gables in Ocean Park



Two windows on the Downeaster – Boston to Portland ME



Two azure light streaks on Portland Library



A bear and her bucket, Boothbay Botanical Gardens


The Farm 31a

Two ‘Ls’, a Bean and a Boot in Freeport



Two spans over the Kennebec River, Richmond



Pumpkins two by two with a few extra ones, Portland



Two blurry men or is it the photographer?



Two fences with dangling bits, keeping the beach tidy at Orchard Park



Beach house supper: lots of things in twos



Two watch the sea on Old Orchard Beach



Two embrace, Ogunquit Museum of American Art



Two zinnias and a monarch


Two chairs and another chair in Ocean Park


Portland Head

Two promontories on the way to Portland Head


The Farm 14

Two armchairs with art by Matt Hausmann, family collection, Richmond



Only One Ogunquit: the little gallery by the sea

Marvellous Multicoloured Maine

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A Word A Week Challenge: Two

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Steve says…


9 thoughts on “Two by Two in Maine: too many reasons not to go

  1. I have actually been to Portland but managed to miss all the fine things you found. That is the problem with arriving and departing the same day by cruise ship aka Marty Feldman’s Lightning Tours – we have vowed not to do it again or at least until we are not capable of anything else. Thanks for broadening my Maine/Portland horizons Tish 🙂

    1. Oh you definitely need to go to Maine under your own steam. Otherwise how can you fit in all the seafood chowder and lobster rolls and fried fish sandwiches that have to be sampled at every likely diner. It also helps to have lovely cousins who lend you their beach house!

    1. A moose fix – would never have known I wanted such thing till you mentioned it. When we were in Maine we only saw a stuffed moose and a giant chocolate moose – neither of which was at all satisfactory moose-wise.

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