Too Hot To Mooooo-ve


Our present wave of Mediterranean weather is not being kind to our shaggy coated Highland Cattle. Today my PC tells me it is 30 ‘ C / 86 ‘ F.  Phew for us as well as for them. They probably wish they were in Reykjavik where, according to the Norwegian YR Weather site, it is a cool 12 ‘C / 54 ‘ F. Greenland, on the other hand, is probably too cold for comfort, even by MacMoo standards of insulation. It seems to be sunny there today, but the temperature is between MINUS 18 and –20 ’C / –4 ’F.

Apparently  July and August are the warmest months in Greenland with temperatures between 0‘ C and 10’C. So: not much summer in the Arctic at present. It’s much like life really. For every high, somewhere there’s a corresponding low. Meanwhile the MacMoos slumber on in Cutlins meadow in whatever shade they can find.


15 thoughts on “Too Hot To Mooooo-ve

  1. Oh, bless. Lovely photos in the shade Tish. The hot weather isn’t keeping the moos next door quiet! But then I hate to think what it is like in a barn with a corrugated iron roof!

  2. I read the other day that Greenland is suddenly finding itself able to grow a range of crops and vegetables, so maybe it’s really seen a rise similar to us – at a lower range of course. So quite the place for those Highland cattle.

    1. Well, parts in the south west were successfully farmed for some 5 centuries by Norse settlers during the Middle Ages.

      The Norse settlement declined when the climate turned v. cold in the 15th century as it did in Britain when we headed into the Little Ice Age. These days I gather it’s producing salad and potatoes and strawberries – but only on the southernmost tip and the large-scale growing is indoors in large hydroponic factory units where all can be controlled.

  3. Our heat wave has given us the week off, though I suspect by next week we’ll be back in it. The heat may have broken, but the drought has not and we still wait — with increasing anxiety — for rain. Duke is happy. He may not have as much fur as you McMoos, but he does not care for warm weather. That triple coat of his makes him passionate about A/C.

    I hope your heat wave gives you a break soon too — and please, oh please rain gods? Make it RAIN!

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