On The Farm



Late September last year we were lucky to have a whole week of Indian Summer weather, this while we were staying in a cottage on a Warwickshire farm cum livery stables. It was blissful. Lots of dewy, well fenced paddocks, and many handsome horses to chat with.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: on the farm

15 thoughts on “On The Farm

    1. Hello, Pauline. No riding. I’m not sure I could get myself aboard these days 🙂 The horses were basically a farm side-line business i.e. being ‘boarded’ there by their owners who came every day to attend to them.

  1. Funny to consider Indian summer and the September/October timeframe now that we are exactly on the opposite side of that, coming out of April. The light is roughly the same; I was thinking that on my recent backpacking trip. Happy May Day! We found a renaissance fair we’re going to check out in a small town today called Carnation. Makes me think of all the similar types of fairs in Europe, the UK. Be well Tish! Here’s to handsome horses and mild climes.

    1. I’ll say cheers to that, on this rather unspringlike May Day. To handsome horses and mild climes. But a town called Carnation with a renaissance fair – how wonderfully whimsical. Wishing you restoring times. Growing up is tough for all of us, isn’t it. No matter how old we are. And I’m pretty old.

      1. Yeah, the growing implies some constant friction or pushing against other forces, weathering rough seasons, pests, pestilence, and worse than all, careless pruning. 😎

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