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When we lived in Nairobi the Giraffe Centre on the edge of the city’s national park was a favourite place to visit. It was set up in 1979 both as an educational resource for city school children (50,000 visits a year) and as a conservation project to protect Kenya’s endangered race of Rothschild giraffes. The centre runs a breeding programme and over the years some 40 young giraffes have been settled in safe game reserves across the country. Now in 2020 the initiative can proudly claim to have helped restore Kenya’s wild population from 130 to a little over 700, and that has to be good news.


As you can see, the centre provides for head to head contact. The resident giraffes are much addicted to the ‘giraffe nuts’ which visitors hand out to them, though I have to say, from the donor perspective,  a slurp from a long giraffe tongue is not the best of experiences.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: horns

45 thoughts on “Giraffe

  1. I always seem to miss the giraffe-feeding sessions at Auckland Zoo. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I can contentedly sit and watch them for ages, and am always happy to read a good news story. Thanks Tish

  2. What a fabulous success. We could all stand to read such good news stories every day.
    I too have been slurped by a giraffe tongue. A most unusual and memorable experience.

    1. And not only the giraffes, it does a great job getting school kids engaged with their wildlife and conservation issues. I don’t need to tell you that, unlike visiting tourists, most city children don’t get a chance to see their country’s natural treasures.

  3. We have giraffes at the Jacksonville Zoo and have the chance to feed them too. I haven’t been since the pandemic so I’m not sure if they are still allowing people to feed them. It was the fun when we took the grandkids a few years ago. Great photos and write up. 🙂

  4. fun post – and haha ha not sure i Would like the slurp either.
    and this was good news, Tish – to hear that these programs work! 130 to 700+ is very good news.

    1. Thank you, Katherine. I do not have a good history with horses, at least not in the mouth department. When I was a child one decided to take a big bite out of my chest. Fortunately I had lots of layers on so only a small scar.

      1. How awful!Tish I was licked right up my front by a huge horse.But it did not biteme.I love your giraffe photos and also “Negative Space” too,Katherine

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