Squarely Filling The Frame In Townsend Meadow


Today by way of an intermission from Two Go Pottering About In Pembroke, I’m back on home ground here – the field behind our house just after the wheat was cut in early September. It’s nice to recall the glorious sunshine too (since we returned from Wales it has been wet, wet, wet, the country locked inside jet stream weather effects). Also I thought I’d combine Becky’s line squares with Patti’s challenge to fill the frame. So here goes: bales, stubble, light and shadow, false horizons, landscapes and cloudscapes, textures and colour blocks. And lots of stalks.





Lens-Artists ~ Filling the Frame

Line Squares #11

32 thoughts on “Squarely Filling The Frame In Townsend Meadow

  1. Lovely light on the clouds and I like the lines of the field shots. I just got back from France a few days ago and it rained almost every day of the three weeks. They’re so short of rain that I couldn’t feel bad about it, but those few nice days were SO appreciated.


      1. That part of France, Franche-Comté, is still close to three months behind in needed rain even with all the rain that came while I was there, so I can’t feel bad about it, even though it made our walks and travels quite different.

  2. These are interesting photos. No. 2 is my top choice. I like the way the lines in the barley lead the eye through the picture to the sky beyond.

      1. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. I am becoming increasingly aware of how ‘de-natured’ commerically produced food seems right now. After 60+ years of adding chemicals to the soil it seems dead. I’m trying to grow as much as I can this summer though working out how to do that with limited water and nightly attacks from possums is the challenge.

      2. Yes, permaculture is very popular with those who have the space and know they can garden on the same spot long term. I grow organic and often use no dig methods myself. 🙂

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