At Six A.M. From My Window ~ Rooks Waking Up


Unlikely – that I was awake enough to take this photo

Unlikely – the early morning yellowness of an oil seed rape field


Daily Post: Unlikely

37 thoughts on “At Six A.M. From My Window ~ Rooks Waking Up

      1. So sad. That’s an appalling number of displaced people – all those homes and doubtless livelihoods lost.

        Are you having a quiet afternoon work-wise – or shouldn’t I ask. Interesting having 2 conversations simultaneously 🙂

      2. The sad part in it all, as we say here, some of these people voted for the thieving government not realising their miserable lives is as a direct result of the mistakes of their representatives.

        Work is good, can’t complain

      3. I am awestruck by the amount of loot some Kenya politicians seem to have stashed away. And the size of their palaces – and their sense of entitlement.

      4. There is a book out by Joe Khamisi detailing the corruption since the nation was conceived. When I read it, I will write about it, that is if I don’t get committed for rage

      5. I understand your rage. I have been feeling pretty rageful myself lately. Am now taking mine to the allotment to plant out my tomato plantlets – a variety called Green Zebra and also some Pink Russian. Wishing you a v. good evening – reading or otherwise. Actually a Tusker would be good about now 🙂

  1. Unlikely that I wouldn’t be awake at 6 am. 🙂 However, what wakes me up, other than my body’s morning clock, is more likely to be the pugs two houses away from us. Their owners let them out at about 5:50 am most days, then shut the door and do whatever morning things they do in the house. The dogs however, when done with their business, will throw themselves at the glass patio door (I’ve seen this during the day), barking with barks much more like screams (I’ve heard this not only during the day), until they’re let back in. It used to take as long as 5 or more minutes some mornings, now it’s “improved” to only a few. They’re loud enough to be heard in winter with the windows closed and ironically, are barking at this very moment. I’m a dog-lover for the most part, but I despise these dogs. Yes, I know it’s the owners fault, but I’ve encountered the little canine dears when walking past their house and they aren’t nice dogs.

    Lovely shot, especially if you had your eyes closed. 🙂


    1. Neighbour’s barking dogs do my head in too Janet! Yapping and snarling and barking – do the owners just not hear the noise anymore?

      1. Possibly. We do appear to be in the minority here in not having a dog. I have hung up a wind chime though hoping that irritates them just a little.

      2. I think you could report this if it’s persistent, though of course it depends on the will of your local authority as to what action they may or may not take. I love dogs, but I can’t bear owners who don’t know how to manage them.

    2. Oh that is too infuriating. I do sympathise. In the UK we have by-laws which I think would mean some official intervention in this kind of nuisance.

      1. If we reported it, probably something would happen, but I should really talk to the owners first and I’ve just never quite gotten the nerve up to do it.

  2. In large enough numbers They can make enough noise to wake the dead. No wonder you are peering blearily out at that time, but certainly a sight worth seeing.

    1. The rookery is just far enough away to be an asset rather than a nuisance. I love watching the rooks and jackdaws that roost together there doing their twilight ballet.

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