All Of A Twitter ~ Yesterday In The Garden

It is one of those sudden joys. You can be staring out at a bleak winter garden, all dormant stems and leafless, when whoosh – like darts of light – the gloom is fragmented by a little host of twittering, darting long-tailed tits. Their dashing habit of course makes them hard to photograph, and their livery – all the colours of a winter landscape – adds to the general elusiveness. They are tiny too. And they rarely stay for more than a few moments before taking off again on the great insect hunt. When they have gone, the garden is bereft, but you are left with the feeling that someone just gave you a perfect small gift. You can conjure it again at any time, in your mind’s eye, that moment when a flock of tiny beings flew in and lit up the day.



Long-tailed tit Go here to find out more about them and for far better images than I managed here.

copyright 2018 Tish Farrell

31 thoughts on “All Of A Twitter ~ Yesterday In The Garden

  1. A fat little bird 🙂
    I love watching the birds in my garden, sadly no long-tailed tits so far, but many others. They are a delight to watch at this time of the year.

  2. Lovely. Your first shot particularly captures the gorgeous wee chap. I think we have more birds in our garden in recent years because there’s so much housing development going on that they’re losing habitat left right and centre. Terrible for the birds, but a treat for us.

    1. Despite what we tend to think, development isn’t always bad for wildlife. I remember being amazed when learning that urban Nairobi and its surroundings had around 600 different species, which was far more by a couple of hundred than the actually wild places. It gives one hope 🙂

      1. That’s amazing — and very good to know!
        I guess once the land clearing is actually done, and houses built, there will be trees planted and habitats will reform. I certainly hope so. So many native birds fall prey to cats and dogs in our neighbourhood.

  3. Lovely little creatures, Tish! 🙂 🙂 Funny but I was just musing about bird sleep patterns because 2 talkative little souls had me listening in at 4.15 yesterday morning. It wasn’t even light! Must remember to Google.

    1. Some keep going all night due to street lighting. I remember being astonished when last in Brighton – birds singing their heart out around midnight, there being some especially bright illumination along the railway line in the city.

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard the word “twitter” and got to think about little birds instead of you-know-who. What a delight! Our first spring bird is usually the Carolina sparrow. They are little tiny birds with a very LOUD singing voice. I can hardly ever see them — they look like bark — but it’s amazing how loudly and beautifully they sing. They should be showing up any day now … around the end of February, usually.

  5. a Valentines gift evidently – it’s the day birds find a mate apparently – these are favourite visitors – all tail and tweets. I found a nest once – like a cone centred with moss.

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