Peroulia Dreaming 5 ~ The Red Parasol


Paroulia Beach – a broad sweep of yellow sand beside clear shallows, and the ever changing light and cloud on the Taygetos Mountains.


Thursday’s Special

26 thoughts on “Peroulia Dreaming 5 ~ The Red Parasol

  1. 😀 and a diaper 🙂 There is always an element (or in most cases) of surprise in your photos. Wonderful, Tish. You are so lovely to play with me.

    1. Ah, Meg. I’m just a nosy person with my camera at the ready, And this young man suddenly composed himself so nicely, trying to soothe his very fractious babe. The sunshade was doing nothing for said infant at all.

  2. Wonderful shot. The composition is superb, and the colours so vibrant. I long for a sunny beach day amidst the endless wind and grey skies we’re having, so thank you for this vicarious touch of summer.

    1. It was a very sleepy sea when we were there – very shallow too. You could wade way out in it. As to shorts and brolly – they were v. well matched weren’t they.

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