For The Love Of Steam ~ Trains And Tracks At The Severn Valley Railway

IMG_1835 - Copy



IMG_1858 - Copy

It was a gloomy, low-lit winter’s day when we went for a wander around Bridgnorth’s Severn Valley Railway. The reason for this visit is described elsewhere (Connected On And Off The Rails), so I will confine myself to mentioning that it had something to do with rivets and Graham’s model-making enterprise.

All these photos were originally colour shots which did not convert too well to straight black and white due to the aforementioned poor light. So I’ve added the blue-ish haze for interest’s sake. I think it suits the coal-burning, hard iron,  cold steel, railway yard feel of steam locomotion.

For more trains and tracks please clickety clack over to Cee’s B & W Thursday.

IMG_1840 - Copy

33 thoughts on “For The Love Of Steam ~ Trains And Tracks At The Severn Valley Railway

  1. Some great shots, Tish, and I love the bluish haze….. I’ve visited that railway some years ago, in late summer so my images are nowhere near as atmospheric 😀

  2. makes me blue thinking of all the family days out on this lovely railway many years ago – especially like your train buffers shot (note I’m a bit of a steam buff but evidently not in the league of Graham and his rivets)

    1. Laura, you would not want to go there – rivets wise. It’s all getting a bit out of hand and now involving micrometer screw gauges tuned to one thousandth of an inch and the installation of a very pukka lathe in the conservatory. Yikes!

  3. Railways always get my attention (and cars and motorbikes and canals 😉 ) – re-reading LTC Rolt’s Landscape with Machines at the moment. I recommend Tish – much of it about Shropshire and the Welsh Borders in the 30s.

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