On The Rocks




Over at Lost in Translation Paula is challenging us to show her ‘moody’. So here are my moody seaside shots in Looe, Cornwall, captured on Christmas Day on my Lumix’s Dynamic Monochrome setting. There was hardly any light, but I liked the silhouettes these young people were creating between rocks and surf.

Please visit Paula for more bloggers’ moody views.

copyright 2016 Tish Farrell

22 thoughts on “On The Rocks

  1. You clever lady, you had me going with your title and I started drooling over an imagined glass of whiskey :), but this is pretty spectacular too. I am happy to have you participate and even more for sharing my company so early in the new year. It looks promising, doesn’t it. THANK YOU, Tish 🙂

  2. One of my favourite LUMIX settings & perfect for this setting! Love the duo tonic blues though never think of you as moody

    1. Hello Laura. That’s very nice of you not to think of me as moody. Have my moments – specially on the writing front 😦 But I just love that Lumix monochrome setting. It turns out some surprising images in very poor light.

  3. Great shots Tish and I love the silhouettes with the waves crashing in the background. Great choice! 😀
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and prosperous 2016. ♥

  4. What can I say, Tish. The photos are beautiful. It’s just that I saw the title… and then ‘moody’… I was sure you’d find a way to put a shot of whisky on the rocks as well…

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