Thursday’s Special: Multicoloured


This batch of colanders made smile. They were spotted in a cook shop window in Portsmouth, Massachusetts, where we had stopped en route for Boston.  I was entranced. Like a child eyeing shiny new building blocks, I wanted them all. What was the point of buying only one colander when they looked so good in a crowd? And which would I choose – the red, or the mauve, or the sky blue, or…? My companions walked off without me. Lunch was calling. So in the end I simply snapped them, and now they seem just right for Paula’s Multicoloured prompt at Thursday’s Special.

20 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Multicoloured

  1. Now that is a bright and colourful look indeed Tish and I don’t blame you for struggling to decide. 😆 I would have bought one of each and hang them from the ceiling as well. It would have been somewhere where my eldest son won’t be able to walk into them as he is very tall. haha!

    1. Yes, the ‘one of each’ concept was definitely calling. Heaven knows what a hoo-hah that would have caused as I tried to exit through US security at Boston airport and enter the UK. I think multiple colanders might be hard to explain somehow, esp as immigration officials seem singularly lacking in senses of humour.

      1. I bet it was. Bwhahahaha! I was thinking the same thing as I was commenting. Now imagine a few of us wearing them as hats just to get them through customs. That would make them smile indeed. 😆

      2. Very colourful colander hats, mind you. 😆

        Not much I suppose. I’ve only been on an airplane once and that was ages ago. I think they can thank their stars that I am not a frequent flyer because I will really give them a hard time. 😛

  2. Colander Hats.
    When the Top Gear Team did a Special in Vietnam, James May wore a Colander helmet (made from a real Colander) for a short time before he found a proper helmet to fit.
    I kid you not!
    I imagine trying to fit all these colanders in one frame was a bit a strain ?

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