22 thoughts on “Out from the Pride ~ Siblings

      1. Whoa there. An eagle owl. I’ll be right over. And yes, Much Wenlock, you just never know what we Wenlockians have up our sleeves-es. Apart from arms-es, that is.

  1. OMGosh, Tish, that is a gorgeous picture. So majestic. Before I came into your blog, I saw the image from my reader and immediately thought of one of my favorite movies and soundtracks (Born Free) when I was a child. Then I look at the comment above, and see ILARGIA64 say that she looks so free.

    Hope you enjoy. I dedicate this to you ‘and’ those majestic lionesses.. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Victoria. You are very good at presents. This is a lovely treat on a gloomy English morning. I, too, loved this film. Actually mentioned John Barry the other day in my post Quoting Creatively – about his film score to Out of Africa. Hope all is well with you.

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