Dhows in Dubai ~ Living Relics




There have been dhows sailing out of the Persian Gulf for India and East Africa for a thousand years and more, following the gyre of monsoon winds. Dates, jewels, fine carpets and chests went one way; ivory, gold, leopard skins and slaves came the other.

These days in Dubai Creek you are more likely to see cargos of Coca Cola, white goods and Japanese cars being loaded on deck. But for all that, and yet among the ever sprouting  high rises, there is still a drift of Arabian Nights’ romance, and more than a hint of Sinbad’s voyaging.

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11 thoughts on “Dhows in Dubai ~ Living Relics

    1. I was lucky then, Nurul. I have never experienced 47 degrees and hope not to. When we were there it even rained, and you needed a coat at night on a dhow.

    1. And these days the ultra-modern high-rises are even higher and more prolific. History and modernity seem to occupy the same layer of reality which is disconcerting.

    1. Hm. Can understand why, but v. depressing re Ghana’s wellbeing. And while I’m here, Celestine, have done anything about the stories you have backed up. I think I gave you a deadline!!!! 🙂

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