Xmas Greetings!

The heart of our home is our kitchen, and here it is last Christmas before the prosecco was opened and the cook had gone awry – i.e. postered not plastered. It is also  my Christmas card to all fellow bloggers and followers. It’s been wonderful getting to know you. I’ve learned so much, and enjoyed everyone’s splendid photos, insights and viewpoints. Thank you, too, for all your viewings of my blog and the many encouraging and heart-felt comments.

So here’s wishing you joy at the year’s end, and fine prospects for the year ahead, wherever you are on this wonderful planet.

Onwards and upwards, one and all. Keep sharing and caring on this our virtuous version of the world-wide web…

Tish x


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17 thoughts on “Xmas Greetings!

  1. Thank you very much for a beautiful Christmas Card. I like the atmosphere, and can identify with the kitchen being the heart of your home. May this be a beautiful Christmas for you and your closest.

  2. Great holiday picture! Are the gorgeous placemats from Ethiopia? Trying to catch up on your blog after being glued to my first effort to write fiction… I wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season!!

    1. And a wonderful holiday to you too. I bought the mats in Nairobi. They were described as Nubian. I think there was a community there, left over from WW2 when Nubian troops ended up staying in Kenya. (I don’t think I dreamed this up).
      Wishing you a fair following wind with your fiction. You can do it! Just thinking of something Clarissa Pinkola Estes says: we are all creators; we simply have to get out of the way.

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