The Wenlock Poppy Bomb


One mid-summer evening when I was leaving the allotment by the gate rather than by my usual route through the field hedge, I glimpsed, on the far edge of town, over rooftops, and between trees, an astonishing scarlet blaze where I’d never seen one before. Home was forgotten, and off I went to investigate: over the main road out of Wenlock and down a lane beside the old railway bridge, into a field with an abandoned barn by the gate, and there it was: an entire field of poppies.

They looked to have exploded from an oil seed rape crop, but it was hard to tell. Had someone sabotaged the farm seed, or did the farmer do it on purpose? Whatever the cause, it’s not happened since. But it was one of those weirdly wonderful happenings wherein it was hard not to grow very over-excited and run amok. I took lots of happy snaps, then dashed home to spread the news to he had a much smarter camera. And then we went back and repeated the excitement, all fuses fired by poppy power.





The Square Odds #14

28 thoughts on “The Wenlock Poppy Bomb

    1. I’ve managed to grow herbaceous perennial oriental poppies from seed, but not the corn poppies. One year a whole flock of opium poppies arrived in the guerrilla garden, and odd ones still pop up, but all without my assistance 🙂

  1. how extraordinary – we have fields of blue and white near us, a sign of them being grown commercially but never seen a field of red. Presume the farmer had ploughed the field and not come back that year!

  2. Lovely. 🙂 It happens around here every May but every year it’s a different field that is the most intense, so one never knows. I also don’t know how much of it is done on purpose, if any. In any case, hard to stop clicking. I like your photo with the tree the most.

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