Upstart Partridge


One of the extraordinary things that happened last March, along with advent-lockdown, was the appearance of this red-legged partridge on top of the old privy roof. Well! Never had this kind of thing happened in the garden before. In my experience partridges are rather covert birds. You’re lucky to have a fleeting glimpse if you happen to startle one along a farm-field  hedgerow. This one, however, stood in full view for ages. Not only that, it began to further advertise its presence with some very loud and rasping calls. It was all rather thrilling. Who knew that partridge plumage was so very magnificent. I certainly didn’t.

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33 thoughts on “Upstart Partridge

      1. Yes very similar, but more so to the red-legged because of the stripe across the eye. I so enjoy this challenge to learn about birds I didn’t even know existed. 🙂

  1. wow what a stunning photograph – you were so lucky. I have seen them whilst walking in Portugal and got the odd shot then, but nothing as splendid as this

  2. What a beautiful bird. I have always thought they were the same as a pheasant — on looking up both, I find that they are related but quite different. I don’t believe we ever see partridges in California! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!

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