Out In The Field With Runaway Crocus


Several things spurred me to the allotment on Saturday – sun, dryness under foot, onion sets in the post, and the need to get a 2” covering of compost onto the raised beds as per the ‘no dig’ methodology, a job I had forgotten to do in the autumn.

For once the field path was not all of a slither, and along the way I found these crocus (tiny in real life). Clearly they had grown bored with the confining domesticity of suburban flower beds, and so taken off over the garden hedges to try things on the wild side.

Breaking bounds with a flourish – one could learn a few things here…


Cee’s Flower Of The Day

29 thoughts on “Out In The Field With Runaway Crocus

    1. Yes, over here we could definitely do without Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam crowding the banks of our waterways. But bulbs seem to go about things more discretely and it’s lovely to find them in unexpected places.

  1. Your photos are exquisite.
    I am having minimal success with the no weed thingy. Going to have to have an overhaul over the next couple of weeks and start again, but this time with a bit more order in mind, methinks.
    Dug up some smashing potatoes today,
    Such a special treat to eat home grown stuff.

    1. I think the only way it works, and I’m having problems on this front, is that you need tons of compost. I can’t make enough for all my beds. Ideal stuff is minced up garden twigs that’s been through a shredder, ie stuff that would not appeal to your animals or rodents, but could cover the soil. But anyway, you’ve got some good spuds by the sound of it, and there’s nothing like just-dug-up spuds.

      1. I am going o clear the veggie patch and overlay a blanket of grass cuttings t begin with ans see how we get on this year.

        Potatoes are smashing – I’m having some as chips in a few minutes!

      1. It’s been “two steps forward, one back”, but every day feels lighter than the previous one so I think I’m doing quite well. I hope you cold blast will not last…long.

    1. While out and about the county yesterday, we saw crocus sprouting up all over the place. They are an essential part of municipal spring planting schemes in England – so they’re to be found on roadside verges and in the middle of traffic islands. Older plantings naturalise and become carpets. Very spirit-lifting.

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