Wenlock Snow Walk


When I left the house I only meant to go to the Post Office, this to be in time for card posting to the US. But then just as I was setting off I also picked up my camera. From the start,  then, it was likely there would be diversions.

Outside the front door I had a choice – take the five minute direct way along the main road whose pavement was now heaped with dirty snow, or step straight across to Station Road and into Snowland.


Snowland won of course. If I went this longer way I knew I could see what was what along the Linden Walk. There could be photo opportunities…P1030771


…and then next I’d take the field path known locally as the Cutlins, from where, no matter the weather, you always have one of the best views of the town. This is where I stopped to take the header photo.


The path brings you to the perimeter of Wenlock Priory. Once you are down there and through the kissing gate, you can just see the ruins through the trees…


And it was at this point that I really did mean to turn towards town…but then, when I looked beyond the Priory towards the lane that runs through the ancient parkland, it was all too beguiling.

Just a little way then…




I did eventually make it to the Post Office, where I had to wait and wait in line, all of us standing in a lake of melting snow which we had tramped in with us.

Outside again, the town looked very pretty. On the Church Green the trees were scattering their snow like confetti, and the ancestors looked well tucked up in their snow quilts…



And as the sun was still shining I decided to take another path, back up the Cutlins but diverting along the Priory parkland boundary so I would end up on the old railway line below the Linden Walk.




It was totally silent there in the cutting beneath the trees; no ghost of roaring Great Western locomotive, but I could see that things had not been quiet. There were a number of casualties – saplings felled by the weight of snow. It felt like Narnia: those first steps out of C.S. Lewis’s old wardrobe. No sign of Mr. Tumnus though. Better push on before the White Witch whisks up on her slay.

Back on the Linden Field quietness there was broken by distant whoops of joy. On Windmill Hill a family and their dog were busy sledding. It looked like fun, and I was tempted to make yet another diversion. But no. My quick trip to the post had turned into a two hour meander. He who presently binds books instead of building sheds might be wondering where I’d got to. And somehow lunch time had been and gone. How did that happen?


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57 thoughts on “Wenlock Snow Walk

  1. What a magical walk, Tish! I would have gone the same route and I’m so grateful you did and shared the results with us. Here we’re getting a bit of rain, while I’d love it to be snow. Ah, well. I’ll try to contain my jealousy. 🙂


  2. Heavens, you had our share too! Two standout shots for me, Tish- those gently enfolding laden branches as you look beyond them up the hill- superb! And the snow dense gravestones! Oh, and always a soft spot for the Priory. 🙂 🙂 A very merry Christmas to you, full of egg nog, or gin or whatever Santa brings. Don’t let Graham get stuck up the chimney, will you? Many thanks, darlin!

  3. Great photos, Tish. The first picture could grace a Christmas Card. Sometimes the white balance can be difficult with snow and the harsh reflection of light. The second photo has a blue tint, which you could correct. Our eyes see snow better than a camera sensor.

  4. Thanks for sharing this magical walk with us Tish. Your photos and words are lovely and evocative. I do like the idea of the ancestors tucked up in snow quilts, and your talk of Narnia has left me hankering after some turkish delight. Not much chance of a passing Snow Queen here though 🙂

  5. Oh, wonderful diversions! I’m envious, as I wouldn’t be able to walk that far.. Have a lovely Christmas, all the best for the New Year….

  6. Pretty as a Christmas card (the header) and what a lovely walk you took us on. You certainly got the snow there alright, do I assume it has all gone now, or are you still shivering? Thick fog expected your way next – stay safe and warm 🙂

    1. Only a few muddy heaps left. And sunshine. And much warmer. All v. disorientating. I’m off to the allotment to check on the damage. I think the greens under mesh may have been well and truly squished. On the other hand, in the garden, Rozanne geranium has emerged from a drift still flowering. Who’d’ve thought it.

  7. What a wonderful work. I love the photos of the woods and the snow laden branches. You are certainly having a white Christmas. Down here in Oz the temperature’s rising and we are planning a family BBQ on the day. Merry Christmas Tish. 🙂

  8. This is real magic Tish. No wonder you bypassed lunch. That second last photo is a favourite, but they’re all enchanting. Thank you for giving me vicarious snow. Maybe I will venture another northern winter.

  9. Utterly delightful and delovely.

    The team are making mince pies for a large order and Ems is singing xmas songs, even though it is around 25/26 degrees and we are puffing and blowing in the heat … including the dogs

    ”And Tish lives there?”

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