Our Very Own Treasure ~ Wenlock Books


Aren’t we lucky to still have our own independent bookshop when across Britain such places are sadly becoming a thing of the past. So here it is, Wenlock Books, a landmark on the High Street, and housed in a wonderfully restored 14th century building. Its owner, Anna Dreda, is passionate about book selling, and has nurtured it and us for over twenty years, creating a haven for book lovers of all ages, from infants upwards. Downstairs the shelves are brimming with crisply published new books, while upstairs you can sit in cosy corners surrounded by ancient timbers and read the pre-owned and antiquarian books. Or if you are nosy like me, you can look out of the window on to the street below and surreptitiously see what Wenlock’s citizens are getting up to.

Also when you pop into Wenlock Books for a good browse, don’t be surprised if you are offered a cup of tea, or invited to join one of the reading groups that meet around the big upstairs table. The most recent book on the go in the Slow Reading Group has been George Eliot’s Middlemarch wherein those taking part, week by week discuss a single chapter over coffee and biscuits. The next slow read starts in September with Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory. That month too there will be the Children’s Book Launch,  starting with local writer, Sarah Griffiths, who will be reading  her book Douglas’s Trousers  to 2-8 year olds.

It will not surprise you, then, to learn that the bookshop has won national awards. Anna was also the founding force behind the hugely successful Wenlock Poetry Festival which over several years has hosted poets of international standing, and has Britain’s former Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy as its patron. (You can what poetry lovers get up to in the town HERE.)

This year the festival has taken a break. Anna also has been very unwell, but I’m glad to say, she tells us that she is feeling very much better.

So all best wishes, Anna, for your continuing good recovery.

In the meantime, if you go to the Wenlock Books link, you can meet Anna in a splendid 3 minute video. You can also have a snoop inside the bookshop and see just why it and its owner are so very much loved and appreciated by all of us.

Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past

34 thoughts on “Our Very Own Treasure ~ Wenlock Books

    1. Indeed it is. She has worked so hard to keep going, as well as providing us with so much food for thought and excellent socialising thrown in with her reading groups.

  1. I would be very happy to have a place like this in my neighbourhood. Beautiful post, Tish. I wish the lady a speedy recovery and for this place to go on for many generations still.

  2. Oh, marvellous! Lucky yo having such a wonderful bookshop on your doorstep! I enjoyed the video, the more so because of the old books visible in the background….. And Prior to seeing this, I was photographing a few old books for a still li fe!

  3. Another reason to come back! I do like Graham Greene but might have to leave it for next year’s book fest. 🙂 🙂 Happy Sunday! I’m just back from another Open Garden. Best get penning!

    1. I’ve just come back with rising damp from the allotment. How dare it rain when I’m the middle of an important mission. Wishing you fair weather for the penning 🙂

  4. A lovely write up Tish, so nice to have a good old bookshop in the town, it sounds wonderful. Thank you for the link, I am looking forward to meeting Anna via this way. Wishing her good health too.

  5. Watched the video. Smiled all the way through. You are indeed very lucky.
    What a marvelous little corner of the world you live in Miss Tish.
    And your photo is a delight.

  6. We’re lucky, we have some good book stores not far from us in Portland, OR — and on the occasional island in the San Juans near us in the Pacific Northwest, those places not wanting to let go…for good reason…many a good reason. Cheers to you and G — Bill

    1. Greetings, Bill. I’ve been wondering how you were as I have failed to turn up at your place lately. Many apols. It’s always good to know there are still bookstores somewhere.

  7. Indeed a treasure Tish. Thanks the lovely tribute to the shop and for the link to the video. I began to wonder and discovered that my town Moruya has much the same population as Much Wenlock, and also an independent bookshop that hosts events, and has a presence at local events such as the harvest festival with a stall of appropriate books. Not such an old building though! Your account made me appreciative of what we have, as well as thoroughly enjoying a further glimpse into the richnesses you live amongst. Long may Anna flourish – and all the independent booksellers in small towns. I say this with profound guilt, because I do so much book-purchasing online, and for my Kindle.

  8. you breathe some very salubrious air Tish- last outposts for booklovers – a provenance of poetry. Wish I was there not least because my favourite author is coming on the reading list – though ‘The Comedians’ is one of his very best methinks
    p.s. is that your scooter parked outside?
    p.p.s. best get well wishes to Anna – a woman of substance!

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