Sunday Solution to Saturday Guess The Place ~ It’s The Trossachs!


And more specifically it is a view of Loch Katrine taken from the summit of a ‘small mountain’ Ben A’an. So Jo was closest guesser with Loch Lomond, which is the next big loch westwards – she is definitely a woman who knows her landscapes. But thanks to all for playing along with yesterday’s photo quiz. And since I’m guessing that many of you have no idea where The Trossachs National Park is, here’s a map. The area is basically north of Glasgow and west of Stirling, and so not even in the Scottish Highlands despite all the beguiling peaks in the photo.

Scotland map

Map: Eric Gabba (Sting)/Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 4.0

For more about The Trossachs from a local, see this article by Bill Kasman.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Solution to Saturday Guess The Place ~ It’s The Trossachs!

  1. Yay! A heroine for a day 🙂 🙂 Or what passes for, Tish! I love a map, though I’m hopeless at reading them. Long overdue a visit to Stirling. How come such a small island and I can’t manage to gallop all around it? Happy Sunday!

      1. Maybe when we sell the house 🙂 🙂 Good job Mick doesn’t read this! Watching Rafa at Indian Wells and sorting garden photos for tomorrow’s post.

  2. As I think you know Tish, we live about a half an hour east of Seattle in Washington state. There’s a neighborhood right near us called the (Issaquah) Highlands, and Friday night, we drove past a development that’s called Trossachs. That’s funny, innit? I’m a fan of that mustard color alongside the brilliant blue…we got to see some of that in Cairngorns, but I’ve never been to this spot. Can’t wait to go back. Certainly when it’s cold enough, the midges are gone.

    1. Scottish midges are not good, but otherwise it is one fabulous country. I’d love to go to the far north, and to the islands. But as for the Trossachs in Washington State, well, another case of misplaced geography. We came across that a lot when driving around Ontario. It had a kind of Alice-through-the-looking-glass effect on one’s internal compass. Hope you’ve all been having a good weekend.

  3. Close, but no cigar. I have been to the Trossachs many years ago briefly. Scotland is a majestic country and I really ought to go there more often. A long way from here though.

  4. This beautiful image reminds me that I would love to explore the Highlands…..Thank you. Hope you enjoy a lovely day – the sun is shining – and a beautiful week ahead. janet 🙂

    1. Hope you have a wonderful week too, Janet. And yes, we ought to head for the Highlands. Am currently reading Nan Shepherd’s classic travelogue of the Grampians – The Living Mountain.

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