Thursday’s Special Mirroring: An Afternoon At Home


Reflected worlds are endlessly fascinating. I often wonder what kind of people live on the other side of our sitting room mirror.

Thursday’s Special: Mirroring  Please visit Paula for further reflections on this theme.

40 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special Mirroring: An Afternoon At Home

  1. It looks festive and elegant and I like that your laptop is present too. A privilege for me to be inside the Farrell residence 🙂

  2. Ha, now that’s really cool for me, I can remember that place now. I like it! (Though of course it’s reversed, which is weird.)

  3. Beautiful. Such a warm, cosy cottagey feel. And I love how you manage to avoid the empty cups, scruffy newspapers, wellington boots etc.

      1. Shropshire – the Land of Lost Content and Blue Remembered Hills! (loads of posts on home territory). And yes. It looks like the UK may be in for some savage dismembering. And all manner of unintended consequences to follow. Where are you?

      2. Shropshire? Goodness gracious. 🙂 The name evoked elves, trolls, Ivanhoe and the Sheriff of Nottingham, but I had to update my limited knowledge of Brit geography. Near Birminghmam. 🙂 I went to grad school in the US, close to the other Birmingham. “Alabamer”. The way they pronounce it there is veeeery different. 🙂 We’ve been living in Mexico for the past 25 years or so. Always a wanderer. 🙂 Best of luck to you and all my British friends and relations. I do hope (not so) common sense will prevail. Tally-Ho!

      3. A true world citizen you are then. The bwana did a short stint in Mexico in the early 90s studying behaviour of larger grain borer that eats farmers’ maize. And now eats farmers’ maize across Africa thanks to a USAID food aid delivery in the 1980s. A biological control predator has since been released. It was the project that first took us to Kenya. Funny how one thing leads to another…Sheriff of Nottingham indeed – not by a long chalk 🙂 🙂

      4. Not even a small chalk. Have to look up where bl..dy Nottinghma is. I always assumed somewhere in the Midlands. I will google it straight away. So we did coincide in Mexico with your husband. Funny thing is I do remember a few events with the Brit community here. My feeling is that no more than 10,000 people really roam the world, which is why our paths cross. A borer is a worm I gather? Glad a predator was found. So many millions rely on just home grown food supply. Cheers.

      5. Borer= a very little beetle with mouth parts like a drill. In the test lab set up in Mombasa – basically a wooden shed – they had crates of infested maize cobs to monitor how much damage they do. When you went in there you could actually hear the little blights grinding through the kernels. Btw. I forgive you for Nottingham. It is in the Midlands – just east rather than west.

      6. “The little blights”. Love that, despite the damage they do. But it is under control now is it? (maize is such an important part ok Kenyan diet). And thank you for your forgiveness. I am elated… 😉

  4. How elegant and somewhat mysterious the interior of your house is. As complex and layered as your writing. 🙂

  5. Such a lovely cosy, cottagey room with the fire burning bright and the laptop waiting for you to return. And is that a very artistic chandelier?

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