Strawberry Vodka Revisited


Some of you will remember that back in early July I posted Jane Grigson’s recipe for Strawberry Vodka. A good six weeks on, it has been duly shaken not stirred, kept in a dark, cool place, drained and strained, and here is the result – back in the vodka bottle (not the vase, although the liquid contents do look similar). Obviously during the decanting process we had to have a little sip or three. All I can say is this stuff is sure to add gleam, both inside and out. Also the only travel involved in procuring this shot  was the trek between allotment and kitchen (me), and off licence and kitchen (Graham), and then to the sofa for a lie down (me again).

Strawberry Vodka Recipe


P.S. And if you are groaning because you missed the strawberry season, then this recipe will surely work with late summer fruits: plums, damsons, black currants, autumn raspberries, although you might need to add a little more sugar.


For more shimmer and shine please visit Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack where this week her theme is ‘gleaming’.

18 thoughts on “Strawberry Vodka Revisited

  1. And gleaming is close to gloaming, and it’s getting better now this time of year, pinks and golds that glimmer with a touch of something or other.

    1. Thank you, Pauline. Actually, I’m also rather pleased with ther French marigolds. They are growing in my polytunnel among the veg. I read that they are good for scaring white fly.

  2. What a spectacular still life! Those gleaming rich reds against the blue and white stripes, and then the touch of yellow. Beautiful! The aesthetics would be enough to convert me to vodka.

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