24 thoughts on “Produce From My Allotment: Some Of Last Year’s Rewards

    1. The variety is called Lark, and I think it’s been bred to cope with our shortish, not very reliable summers. The Incas apparently used to stick a mackerel in the planting hole. Wouldn’t want to waste a good fish tho. But the plants do need a lot of water and muck, and a breeze to cross pollinate them.

    1. That’s so true, Gilly. And so many things aren’t quite the same after being frozen. I’ve still not quite got the knack of sowing small quantities every fortnight or so, which would help a bit.

    1. There’s the field between the computer and the allotment, and so I do a lot of dashing back and forth – words one end, compost the other. I have been toying with taking my laptop into my polytunnel, but knowing me, I’ll get soil in it.

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